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PP Series

Series Name: PP Series

Modified category
Product Performance
Flame Retardant V-2 to V-0 level, a drop Small appliance parts, casing, power tools parts
V-0 flame retardant grade, no dripping
V-2 flame retardant grade, anti-precipitation
V-0 flame retardant grade, environmentally friendly halogen-free
General enhancements, GF content 10-40%
For radiator fan, blower, pump housing front frame, body door modules, instrument panel frame, cooling fan and frames, battery tray, fan, pump housing, structural parts, cooling fan, pressure hull body, sports equipment supplies, daily necessities, etc.
GF content of 10-45%, high strength Special electrical components, parts that require high heat resistance and flame retardant
CC filling, filling content of 10-30%
Air conditioning system parts, air filter housing, scattered wind gate, trunk liner panels, bumpers, rub the side guard, door pillars, big back, side guard door panels, instrument panels, door trim board, left / right hand resting Vice dashboard, glove compartment, exterior parts, air-conditioning system parts, small household appliances shell, refrigerator shelves, air conditioner outdoor unit housing the washing machine drum, washing machine control panel seat, line controller shell, etc.
Talc filled, filled with 10-40%
High gloss, 5-25% filler content
Appliance housing panels
Flame retardant
GF content of 10-40%, V-2 flame retardant Special electrical components, parts that require high heat resistance and flame retardant
Other modified
Heat aging resistance, toughness Rearview Mirror, endoscopic, door handles, toolbox, rub the side guard, seats surrounding
Transparent, high rigidity, toughness, etc. Fan blades, small appliance parts, electrical and electronic components, such as high demand