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Series name: ABS, HIPS, AS series

Modified category
Product Performance
Flame ABS Flame Retardant V-2 to V-0 level Mobile phones, monitors, telephones, TV shell, printers and other household appliances shell
V-0 flame retardant grade, environmentally friendly
Flame Retardant V-0 level, yellowing resistance, environmental
Strengthen ABS Enhanced 10-30% Axial fan blades, machine tool parts, etc.
Modified ABS Heat, electroplating, etc. extinction Radiator grille, glove box, Vice dashboards, car signs, lock shell, speaker cover, mirror frames, etc. resting hand, A / C pillar trim, taillight bracket, glove box, triangular windows, grille, the vents, dashboard trim frame, mirror housings and other car exterior parts.
Flame HIPS Flame class V-0 Household appliances shell, small appliances parts, etc.
Strengthen AS Strengthen 15-30% Air-conditioning fan, axial fan blades, etc.