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PC and alloy series

Series Name: PC and alloy series

Modified category
Product Performance
Flame PC V-0 flame retardant grade, environmentally friendly Window handles, power tools, electronic instruments, and other fields
Strengthen PC Strengthen 10-30%
Flame retardant PC Increased by 20%, flame class V-0
Transparent stain PC High transmittance Car shade, transparent parts, etc.
Modified ABS Heat, electroplating, etc. extinction Radiator grille, glove box, Vice dashboards, car signs, lock shell, speaker cover, mirror frames, etc. resting hand, A / C pillar trim, taillight bracket, glove box, triangular windows, grille, the vents, dashboard trim frame, mirror housings and other car exterior parts.
Modified alloys Heat, electroplating, etc. extinction Car headlights light body, auto air conditioning heat-resistant components, ashtrays, dashboard, radiator covers, car dashboard, vice dashboard instrumentation escutcheon, taillight bracket, outlet, etc.
Flame retardant PC / ABS alloy Flame class V-0 Cell phone case, photocopiers, computers and other office supplies shell
HB to V-0 flame retardant grade, environmentally friendly